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Benifits of Using Concrete Pumping In Construction Comapare to Ordinary Concrete Placing

September 7, 2021

Latest company news about Benifits of Using Concrete Pumping In Construction Comapare to Ordinary Concrete Placing

Benifits of Using Concrete Pumping In Construction Comapare to Ordinary Concrete Placing

Factors to be Considered Concrete Pumping Ordinary Concrete Placing
Faster concrete placement Speed of the placing is always an important factor when it comes to a big-sized construction project. The main benefits of concrete pumping are that it is a faster way to pour concrete on-site than other traditional methods. In ordinary concrete placing more time required in placing of concrete. When a concrete pump is not used on-site the smaller equipment may have to be moved around to different locations to finish one pour.
Less labor Concrete pumping generally requires less in the way of labor than other methods of concrete placing. Also, the site will seem less congested and use labors for other important tasks when the concrete is placed directly. When it is required to place the concrete manually on-site required more labor and also the quality of pouring concrete depends on the workmanship of laborers.
Quality of concrete With concrete pumping, less water is needed than with other methods. This means that when concrete is placed it won’t shrink and crack at all and it will maintain its strength. Pumping of concrete ensures the strong and durable concrete over its entire life span. Quality of placing of concrete cannot be maintained by placing concrete manually because it depends on weathering conditions. Also, cause bleeding and shrinkage problems which deteriorate the strength of concrete.
Concrete pouring accuracy For complex locations like high-rise buildings and insulated concrete form walls accuracy is most important, which can be maintained by concrete pumping. In complex or congested location normal placing of concrete can not be feasible as placing become difficult and also cause segregation of ingredients of concrete.
Convenience in placing concrete The concrete pumping system is just more convenient than the old mix and pours methods. Boom arms can reach over the top of the house or other structures to place the concrete in locations where other types of machinery can’t reach. It becomes more difficult to pour the concrete if it is required to place the concrete on high-rise buildings which cause more labor force and more wastage of material in conveying from a place of mixing to placing.
Faster progress of work In concrete pumping, the pouring of concrete is done using a pump so discharge or quantity of concrete produced is more which may lead to faster progress in construction work. In the ordinary placing method, concrete is transporting by labors using pan or buckets which cause delays or consuming more time in concrete.
Weathering conditions Concrete placed by pumping is not affected by atmospheric conditions as it is transferred by means Water losses may have occurred in the concrete mix while it is placing during hot weather conditions may lead to shrinkage of concrete.
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