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How to choose a high-quality pump truck


Latest company news about How to choose a high-quality pump truck

The pump truck is an important equipment for transporting concrete to the construction site. It can improve construction efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure the quality of concrete. However, there are many brands of pump trucks on the market, and the quality is uneven. How to choose a high-quality pump truck? This article will provide you with some reference suggestions from the following aspects.

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1. The type and purpose of the pump truck. According to the way of pumping concrete, pump trucks can be divided into car pumps, trailer pumps, truck pumps and tower pumps. Different types of pump trucks are suitable for different engineering occasions. For example, automobile pumps are suitable for large-scale projects such as urban construction, bridges and tunnels, and trailer pumps are suitable for rural construction and small-scale projects. Therefore, when choosing a pump truck, you must choose the appropriate type and specification according to your own engineering needs.


2. The performance and parameters of the pump truck. The performance and parameters of the pump truck directly affect its working efficiency and safety. When choosing a pump truck, pay attention to the following important parameters: maximum conveying capacity, maximum conveying distance, maximum conveying pressure, maximum conveying height, maximum conveying particle size, etc. These parameters determine whether the pump truck can meet the concrete delivery needs of the project, and whether it can ensure the uniformity and stability of the concrete. Generally speaking, the higher the performance of the pump truck, the higher the price, so you should choose a pump truck with reasonable cost performance according to your budget and actual situation.


3. The brand and quality of the pump truck. Brand is an important symbol to measure the quality of pump trucks. Generally speaking, pump trucks of well-known brands have high guarantees in terms of technical level, production technology, and after-sales service. When choosing a pump truck, try to choose a brand with a good reputation and reputation, and avoid buying fake or inferior products. In addition, pay attention to check whether the various parts of the pump truck are intact, whether there are corrosion, cracks, oil leakage, etc., whether there are qualification certificates and inspection reports, etc.


4. Use and maintenance of pump trucks. During the use of the pump truck, it is necessary to abide by the operating procedures, and carry out regular cleaning, lubrication, overhaul and other maintenance work to prolong its service life and ensure its normal operation. When using the pump truck, pay attention to the following points: (1) Before starting work, preheat and test run the pump truck to check whether all components are normal. (2) When transporting concrete, it is necessary to control the concentration, temperature, moisture content and other indicators of the concrete to avoid failures such as pipe blockage and flow failure. (3) After the work is finished, the pipes and hoppers should be cleaned in time to prevent the concrete from agglomerating or hardening. (4) When parking the pump truck, choose a flat, dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight or rain.


In short, when choosing a high-quality pump truck, it is necessary to comprehensively consider its type, performance, brand, quality, use and maintenance, etc., and make a reasonable choice according to its own engineering needs and actual conditions. I hope this article can be helpful to you. If you have other questions or needs, please contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.


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