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HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Stationary Ready Mixed 60m3/H 3.8m

HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Stationary Ready Mixed 60m3/H 3.8m

3.8m Concrete Batching Plant

60m3/H Concrete Batching Plant


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Building Works, Construction Projects, Bridges, Docks, Airport
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Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas, Online Support, Video Technical Support, Field Installation, Commissioning And Training
Customized, Blue, Changable, Yellow, Etc
Discharging Height:
3.8m, 3800 Mm, 0.8--1.2m, 3800mm /3900mm, 4m
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Concrete Batching Plant
Control System:
Automatic PLC Control
Cement Silo:
Product Description

HZS60 stationary ready mixed concrete batching plant for sale

HZS60 concrete batching plant Product configuration:
1. mixer
HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Stationary Ready Mixed 60m3/H 3.8m 0
Achieve HZS60 ready mixed concrete batching plant Configure the SICOMA mixer,Double horizontal shaft forced mixing mixer.


type:Double horizontal shaft

Charging Capacity:1600L

Discharge Capacity:1250L.

Motor Power:18.5×2

2. Control system
HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Stationary Ready Mixed 60m3/H 3.8m 1
Achieve HZS6automatic batching plant Configure the fully automatic control system. PLC system.
3. Aggregate conveyor
HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Stationary Ready Mixed 60m3/H 3.8m 2
Achieve HZS60 belt type concrete batching plant ,adopts the chevron belt conveyor,chevron belt has high friction, transport speed is fast. Angle:28degree,transport capacity:500t/h
4. Aggregate batching machine

HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Stationary Ready Mixed 60m3/H 3.8m 3

Achieve stationary concrete batching plant HZS60 aggregate batching machine consists of: aggregate silo, weighing hopper, aggregate conveyor, sensor, etc.

1. aggregate bin

(1) capacity:10m3×3

(2) discharge door:6sets

(3) air cylinder:80×310

2weighing hopper

(1) capacity:1.2m3×3

(2) measuring type:cumulative measure

(3) sensor:2000kg×4

(4) measuring accuracy1%

3belt conveyor

(1) belt model:800mm

(2) belt speed:1.6m/s

4,. rolling power:11kw




5. Bolted Cement SILO

HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Stationary Ready Mixed 60m3/H 3.8m 4


6. cement screw conveyor


HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant Stationary Ready Mixed 60m3/H 3.8m 5


HZS60 concrete batching plant Specification:
No. Name specifications remark
1 Mixing system

1. Model:js1000

2. type:Double horizontal shaft

3. Charging Capacity:1600L

4. Discharge Capacity:1250L.

5. Unloading height :4m

6. Motor Power:18.5×2

7. Mixing Blade, liner plate:wear resistant material

System specifications:

1.Star type reducer js1000,High transmission efficiency, low heat, strong reliability

2.Mixing Blade and liner plate is made by high chromium wear resistant cast iron, Reasonable Angle design, good mixing effect, fast speed, long service life

3.The four shaft end is equipped with a fully automatic oil sealing system.

4,The discharge door is controlled by dual cylinder control, and can be operated manually, without noise.

5,The multi-contact roller oil system is stable.

SICOMA brand
2 electrical control system

The electrical control system consists of computer host, monitor, cabinet, printer, communication cable, weighing instrument, bridge frame, etc.

1.Operation and management all in one, easy to operate.

2.The batching system is controlled by industrial integration.

3.The formula can be expressed in Numbers, easy for user identification and dozens of recipes.

4.It has the function of error analysis and automatic detection.

5.In the absence of automatic control, the manual operating system can still complete the control of the mixing station, such as ingredients, stirring, discharging and so on.

6,The strong electric part of the system is self-contained, which is completely separated from the weak current part, which improves the anti-interference ability of the weak current and makes the strong electric part greatly simplified and the maintenance is more convenient.

7,Equipped with four screen monitoring system.

System specifications:

The main hardware used in this system adopts schneider/Siemens products with advanced features, high reliability and beautiful appearance. The console adopts industrial cabinet.


2,monitor 19”

3,main electrical component :schneider/Siemens


3 Lift system

The aggregate lifting system adopts the Bucket conveyor or belt conveyor.


1,air cylinder:

AKS brand


aggregate-weighing system


Aggregate weighing system consists of: bone silo, rack, weighing hopper, aggregate conveyor, sensor, etc.

1,aggregate bin


(2)discharge door:6sets

(3) air cylinder:80×310

2,weighing hopper


(2)measuring type:cumulative measure


(4) measuring accuracy:±1%

3,belt conveyor

(1)belt model:800mm

(2)belt speed:1.6m/s

4, rolling power:11kw



the aggregate loaded to aggregate bins by wheel loader, there are three bins, every bin has two discharge door, In order to achieve the measurement of rough and fine. The weighing hopper is the three positions on the belt, the aggregate discharge to the belt to measuring by four sensors on the belt. The signals sent by the four sensors are processed and sent to the microcomputer in the main control room.




cement-weighing system


cement-weighing system consists of: cement weighing hopper, pneumatic butterfly valve and sensor etc.

1,cement weighing hopper:


(2)weighing scale:0~1000kg

(3)weighing accuracy:±1%


3,pneumatic butterfly valve:DN300


The cement weighing device is fully sealed, and the weighing hopper is measured by 3 sensors. The weighing hopper door adopts the typical pneumatic butterfly valve, which is flexible and tightly sealed.

l,sensor:Kemin brand

2,valve:shanghai brand


powder-weighing system


powder-weighing system consists of weighing hopper, pneumatic butterfly valve and sensor.

1,powder weighing hopper::


b) weighing scale:0~880 kg

c) weighing accuracy:±1%


3,pneumatic butterfly valve:DN300


The powder weighing system is filled with a full sealing device, and the weighing hopper is measured by three sensors. The weighing hopper door adopts the typical pneumatic butterfly valve, which is flexible and tightly sealed.

1,sensor:qingdao brand

2,butterfly valve:shanghai kangwei

7 Water weighing system

Water weighing system consists of: water tank (customer own), water pump, water weighing hopper, pneumatic butterfly valve, etc..

1,water supply pump:3kW

2,water injection pump:3kW

3,weighing scale:400L


5,pneumatic butterfly valve:DN200

6,weighing accuracy:±1%


Under the control of the control system, the pump will be pumped into the water weighing hopper, and the pump will stop when the sensor is measured to the preset value. When the water is discharged, the pneumatic butterfly valve is opened, the discharge pump is started, and the pump is pumped into the mixer.


Kemin brand

2,water pump

Shandong zibo brand

4,butterfly valve:Hunan brand

8 Liquid admixture measurement system

The admixture weighing system consists of: admixture

storage box, admixture, admixture pump, pneumatic

butterfly valve, sensor and so on.

1,weighing accuracy:±1%


5,pneumatic butterfly valve:DN80×1


With the control of the control system, the admixture pump pumped out the admixture, and the pump stops when the sensor is measured to the preset value. The pneumatic butterfly valve is opened when unloading, so that the admixture flows to the water weighing hopper and flows into the mixer with the water. At the same time, the water pump continues to work on the circulating admixture, stirring, in case the admixture is precipitated, the pump is controlled by the microcomputer.

1,admixture pump:

Shandong zibo brand


Shandong qingdao brand

3,butterfly valve:shanghai kangwei

9 Air system

Pneumatic system consists of air compressor, cylinder, solenoid valve and gas circuit element.

1,air compressor:7.5 Kw

2,air tank:warranty one year, 0.1m+0.6 m3


1,control the discharge door.

2,control the butterfly valve.

3,control the broken arch of the cement silo.

4, Control the mixer double door.

1,Air cylinder:


2,solenoid valve:

YIHUA brand

3,air treatment

Jiangsu brand

4,air compressor:

Fujian brand

10 Main building composed of ladder, platform, guardrail, steel frame and so on  
11 Screw conveyer

Cement screw conveyer, powder and powder admixture screw conveyer.


(2)number:2 sets

(3)delivery capacity:65t/h

(4)motor power:11 kw


1,The powder conveying adopts the whole sealing device. The soft connection between the outlet and the measuring bucket does not affect the measurement accuracy.

2,The feeding port is universal ball joint, adjustable Angle deviation and good sealing. The spiral blade has small clearance and high transmission efficiency..

12 Powder silo


description:The top of the powder bin is equipped with a dust collector, which reduces the load pressure of the powder bin and prevents the dust from contaminating the air. The broken arch device is installed in the cone, combined with the gas road system and control system, which can automatically break the arch of the cement in real time, and also can break the arch manually.

In order to save transportation cost, the powder silo usually made by customers themselves.

dust collector:Changsha brand
13 Control room

It usually made on the site.

The control room is spacious and bright.

14 Total power Around 85kW  

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